Just to get this off on the right foot..

The oldest joke of em’all – two guys, drafting AutoCAD* for a living come to a bar – to clean it.

*substitute with Microstation, Rhino, Vectorworks,…

Started a new project today. Sweet. Got me the 2D stuff from the architect. Modeled it up. No issue.

Now going into the model checking measurements. Hey – when walls or other elements are at a fraction of a millimeters apart I guess somethings is wrong. Educated guess that is.

Not that the data is so bad – but best practice here is to throw away all CAD underlay, ask for a annotated set of prints and if anything is unclear grab the phone.

Much quicker than to troubleshoot “The line you just picked from the CAD is slightly out of axis and may fuck up your model in the coming days”. Luv that warning. Cant remember who came up with the text back then in Waltham. But that’s a different story.

Oh yes – I take this blog as a forum for quickly jumping thoughts. Sorry for that.

Anyways – that’s what we see when we look at the CAD data in Revit:


I so much can see the guy on site building this at a 8 mm tolerance. Good luck. Bring some stuff in order to get loaded or… – whatever…

So I finally got at least one floor modeled up today.


Duh – back to reinterpreting the architects design intent… I’ll probably need to call em after the (long) weekend – stupid holidays…

Just for fun lets take that to TwinMotion (love u guys, gladly endorse your product…, send me some logo-wear, I am running out of T-shirts)


But then again – it’s been a day of setting up the project (on a new untested template in Revit, so it was a bit screwy)  and starting to pump out model and – ground floor is starting to get somewhere…

I am aiming getting the rest done tomorrow – wo more floors like these and some copy and paste aligned. We’ll push it so lets see…

Stay tuned and life is good…


Author: LRCZ

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