Just to rise and shine – screw it – raise a voice is the better analogy – once in a while – yesterday’s model did not really look that great or anywhere good enough to make a point. Today the dices have changed – that’s what we have:


Not too bad for a relaxed Friday. And I endorse TwinMotion for the easy tool they give us all to make good model stuff look good. Good model stuff. I – just to get things straight –  am chronically horrible at rendering. Justsaying… not a good eye for this sort of things…

Even better:


Look mum – no warnings… not a single one…

Here we have the model:


Model stats:


OK – 693 model elements are not that much – but that is what the building is for me wearing a structural engineers hat. Less than a day, 693 model elements, 0 warning. Does not sound too bad…

Some eye porn made as I type:


And a bit more – we endorse Keyshot Renderer BTW…


Life is good…



Author: LRCZ

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