Back to reality

Brilliant song Snakefinger.

Well then reality the firm working for money on a project that actually made fun.

See here.

Eye candy:


I like the way these pictures are looking so beautifully depressing – I almost can smell wet concrete now…


What shocked me today was that while I was tying to get some innocent little stairs into that building – Bang, Revit crashed on a component stair. Red alert – something in this custom built template is wrong. And we built it. Crap.

So – testing – old style stair worked. Transfer project standards from an empty file sans template. Component stairs worked again.

The hunch is that we’ve been to aggressively using Dynamo and the likes to get the template clean. Gotta be more careful on that.

Arghh.. – just found a 2 mm issue and fixed it – my eyes are getting week…



Author: LRCZ

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