We Care a Lot

Stupid title… goes back to a band…


Topic of today – PyRevit. PyRevit gives you a means to create a professionally looking toolbar in Revit for… your Python scripts. How cool is that?


You get it here. Please make sure to just say a nice “Thank You” to the author – this post is intended to do so.

You can add your own stuff Noname

And now as a teaser – my fav code – imagine your client calls you up and tells you “I want to have this great schedule that you sent me in PDF out of your model as an Excel sheet” (they usually do…) – voila…


A stupid warning will appear – thank you Microsoft for not getting security right:


But at the end of the day – your schedule in Excel in a matter of seconds… how cool is that?


See you soon…


Author: LRCZ

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