For Artists only

Sure – another record track name…

So today was the good, the bad, the ugly…

The good:


Look at this beauty – it is an excavation volume created using Revit and Dynamo and some secret sauce – well no, plain geometry.

The good – it took yours truly the entire afternoon to make this work.


Once again – bin all it’s glory – notice the properties on the left:


Uh oh

So now the bad: we gotta break the bad news to the client – according to his architects landscaping we need to move 1213.574 m3 of dirt. The cost right now is 40 € per cubic meter. 1213.574 x 40 = 48,542.96€. (At which point in time I’d contemplate buying a semi and bring in an offer..).

The ugly – I mean the really ugly:

We went through the workflow in the morning and it was kinda all right in Dynamo:


The screenshot sucks – so here is the dyn.

Tried the same thing in the afternoon – yikes… the cut that was supposed to happen never happened. But why oh why…?


The solution is a well buried feature in Dynamo – Geometry Working Range settings…

Nonameand that is where it came to my mind that I changed my project from mm to m/cm:


Duh – after going back to mm as a project unit Dynamo was happy again.

So my humble question to the dignities at Autodesk – can we pretty please get that stuff right some when within my lifetime?

Life is …good..


Author: LRCZ

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