There was this funny article on BBC about a guy whose last name was Null. Bad luck doing anything online, because Null in any database checks out like no input.

Sorry Mr. Null, please enter your last name again.

Let’s go to business here:

Dynamo days:

I tried to demo Dynamo graphs in Revit 2017.2 and when trying to create a code block like this:


BANG – crash…

WTF – especially in front of people demoing. I quickly found out that this was an add-in I installed the night before. The culprit:


PyRevit –  love these tools – check them out here.

But now I am in a state of limbo – if I have the latest PyRevit running Dynamo breaks… I still dig PyRevit – cudos to the dude.

Anyways – this is the workflow we did:


Basically we create a curve in space and the place a coordinate system

Result is:


Why the local coordinate system X direction of a curve point looks at world coordinate Z direction is slightly mysterious – alas – but at least it is consistent.

Like sunrise in he morning.

A variation with local X-coordinates locked to global Z


Here’s the magic(k) – lock local X-axis to global Z-axis and you’ll get:

Fun stuff – now they all stand upright since we oriented local x to global z axis. I love geometry…


The graph:Capture

If anybody out there cares for the scripts – all OOTB – shoot me a line…

Author: LRCZ

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