Starless and Bible Black

Your might have noticed that I reference my posts to music – please go ahead here.

Today’s task was to put in a layer of 10 cm (3-1/2″) underneath a relatively complex foundation that looks like this:


A couple of strategies came to my mind.

First I tested doing it in Dynamo by selecting all outside faces and merge them into a single polysurface and thinkening this. No bueno – got single polysurfaces.. that’s another topic for investigation.

Secondly I was going old school – export this to SAT and see waht good old Autocad na make of it.

A body…


Now this solid body can be imported into a Revit project as a basis fir an in place mass


And the subsequently used to grab Revit roof category geometry from it


So now we have a multitude of roofs in a project that we want to make a structural foundation – here is how..

Export to sat – open in Autocad and save

Open an new Revit family with the appropriate template and import the Autocad file. Fullly explode it – what you get looks like this:



And this is:



A native Revit Free Form element – all that you gonna don now is to place it…

Here’s some eye-candy


And an overview:


And yes – (DANGER – product placement ahead) – I like what Revizto does – so check them out here.

That’ll be it


Author: LRCZ

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