And a very merry… and some rants..

First – foremost – seasons greetings to all the spuds out there – may 2018 bring more Dynamo coolness and all..

One strange finding to share:

We have a category in Revit called Conduit Run


And it collects nicely all conduit runs in my project


The project looks like this:


Analyzing the Conduit rund – we can get the length and the comments – no worries…


But then we also have shared parameters assigned to the Conduit Run category and we’d expect to be able to pull them with Dynamo or the Revit API respectively:


Not really:


Seems like any parameter attached to a conduit run is only readable in the members of the run but not in the run itself. Sucks.

So – coming up one of these days is how to associate the individual parts of a conduit run to the run itself – spoiler – the Comments parameter might be helpful…

Anyways, lets focus on X-Mas cookies and Eggnog and the perfect Filet Wellington – Happy Holidays and life is good…


Author: LRCZ

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