Coco Chanel said it better than me…

Sometimes less is more – I have sinned so many times building über complex families only to watch them melt down with every service release of Revit… not gonna happen anymore – I ask for redemption.

So much fresher it is to be able to resolve a rather complex geometrical problem with a simple Dynamo – here we go:

We start with a couple of wires that were sent to yours truly modeled as individual in-place masses – here is the model:


Here are the wires we talk about:


Here comes the Dynamo script:


Part 1:


Part 2:


Result in Dynamo:


To get the geometry back into Revit as a genuine Revit geometry – here is a hint:


Life is good…

Important notice: full credit to the original model goes to bim-consult GmbH –


Author: LRCZ

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