Always Crashing In The Same Car

OK – another song another story – let’s talk clash detection for minute. Aim is to clash walls from one file – basement of a rather handsomely large structure with sitework.

Files are OpenBIM and Revit and you know what, so first approach was to use IFC based tools to figure out what (t** f***) is going on.

Take Tekla BIMSight as an example – what you get is:Noname.png

Oh well – now I know more – does that help me how to track down real clashes?

After a few experiments in Navisworks I came back to good ole’ Revit, probably because I know the tool best.

So – how we get the IFCs into Revit? ArchiCAD to the rescue – their Export to Revit nails it (don’t even bother to directly open those IFCs in Revit – but that is another blogpost so stay tuned). Workflow is to open the IFC in ArchiCAD and the export to Revit – cool isn’t it (caution – sarcasm ahead)


By that workflow two Revit files got created – so the smaller one gets linked into the bigger one and – bang – here we are, visibility settings adjusted:


Now we put Dynamo into place


Next we have a dedicated 3D view of each clash to apply human eye scrutiny


And life inches in to be good – next step is to actually get the clash geometry to clean up false positives but that is stuff for some other day…

Author: LRCZ

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