All we ever wanted was everything…

I want to flatten a list in Dynamo from the right to the l;eft – not the left to the right.

OK – OOTB Dynamo will allow you to use the List.Flatten node to flatten a list for a specific amount.


But what if you don’t want to have it that way, you want to have the list flattened at the @L2 level 1nstead of the @L4 level.

First attempt – use a negative number at the amt input of List.Flatten


Not working – the list completely lost it’s structure and is now flat – like a smorgasbord…

In order to get to the desired effect – kudos to Ben Osborne – you got to do this:


And life is good…


Author: LRCZ

Platform for multiple talents

4 thoughts on “All we ever wanted was everything…”

  1. Or just set Lacing to Longest… No idea why, but ‘Longest’ seems to work exactly like one List.Map on every Node. And it does NOT do exactly the same as List@Level. Go figure.


    1. @Ekko – true – it is a mystery of sorts but there seems to be logic in the List.Map mechanism – lots of research pending, what about a #BILTEUR Lab on that?


  2. I think Mark Wieringa has also done some work on that. Anyway, the only outcome of my research in this direction to date is a lot of confusion, and some methods that seem to deliver predictable results. Seems a bit poor for learning objectives?


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